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The organization faces stiff competition from local and international companies and researches and strategists believe that the core competitors of the Williams Engineering Corporation are big DIY warehouses which are interested in selling product in the main and some of the organizations are selling it. This strategy is negatively affecting the sales of the organization and this competition is affecting William Engineering Corporation in the contracts of metal bashing.

The pricing strategy of WES can be treated as the major advantage over its competitors. There are certain other competitors of the organization and these competitors don’t affect the sales of WES (Jobber and Fahy). The pricing strategy of the organization gives advantage in both the short and the long run. However, the core issue is whether the market is ready to accept this price or not. Another issue that is associated with this brand is that the products of this organization are seasonal and the element of metal bashing works in the season of winter/autumn.


The entire analysis of the organization depicts that WES is small organization that focuses on engineering and metal oriented works. The organization started quite well in the initial stages and this organization was actually progressing but after certain years due to number of reasons the sales of the organization declined a lot. WES actually initiated in 2005 and the sales figures at that time was 720 (thousand). This figure due to economic recession and certain other factors were disrupted and the sales in the year 2006 were fallen down to 399. However, the organization improved a bit in the year 2007 but still they were incurring net losses. The sales at that time were 464. However, the organization in every year was jolted by net losses. That is the reason why they need a proactive marketing strategy which can change the fate of this organization. In the similar manner emphasis must be laid on trade marketing and direct advertising campaigns. The organization must focus on its channel members and effective and efficient strategies must be developed for the channel members.

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