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There are certain risks involved in the plan that is the reason why organizations do contingency planning. In this marketing plan the risks that are associated are over stating the prices and in order to implement price skimming strategy the prices of products are inflated as a result of which customers backfire. The demand is over estimated and it would costs the organization in both the short and the long run. The visibility of the plan can be questioned and assumptions can harm the entire marketing plan. These risks are not that worst and they can be managed easily if contingency planning is done appropriately.

There are certain risks that are involved in this plan that can damage the organization. Determining the fact that business is unable to support itself on on-going basis and they organization to liquidate its assets in order to cover its liabilities.


Therefore, it can be said that TP bowling is a bowling alley that is opting for an expansionary policy and its entering into the Australian market. The Australian market might seem to be good for them because of its economical growth. Furthermore, the market demographics are linked with the mission and the target market of TP bowling. The marketing strategy and the advertising plans of TP bowling are proactive and they are opting for an offensive marketing strategy to target their desired customers. The core target market of the organization is upper class and that is the reason why the prices of this bowling alley are relatively high.

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