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Since all the information systems are an essential source of information and they meet the informational needs of the organization therefore they must be kept secret and privacy issues must be dealt with care with respect to information systems. In case of a data lost or system failure this valuable information might be tampered or it might be damaged. Therefore, a proper backup systems and contingent planning systems must be maintained by an organization is order to secure the data. Backup systems although are quite expensive in nature but they serve an important aspect of saving important data for long lasting using.


Thus we can conclude that information needs of organizations are increasing day by day and technology is becoming an integral part of every organization. An information system is definitely a formalized system and it supports the management a lot in a number of matters. Gathering of information, searching important information and then guarantying the proper flow of information within the departments is actual work of information systems. When a proper flow of information is used in an organization and the information flows from top to bottom that is from managerial level to operational level or from operational level to the managerial level that is bottom to top. Then this information flow is used in the decision making process and proper formalized reports are generated by the information systems that actually helps the management in the decision making process.

If an information systems works in a turbulent environment and the flow of information is not clear then it might be possible that it might hurt the overall mission and vision of the organization as the reports generated by the information might not be accurate and since information system is implement in a chaotic environment then its possible that the informational flow at all levels might be hap hazard. However, in a dynamic environment a proper formalized approach is used and the information flow is either from top to bottom or bottom to top depending on the environment but it’s highly possible that information needs of all the departments are met efficiently and effectively.

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