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This dissertation attempts to test the existing theory on consumer loyalty to brands and consumer behavior. Previous studies have already generated the hypothesis theoretically based on explorations of consumer behavior in different sectors of the economy. So, this dissertation was approached deductively. The hypothesis was presented and in the next chapter it will be tested using a set of primary data obtained from the participant in the research. The choice of deduction also determines the usage of less flexible methodology. This is observed in the structure of aims and objectives of the research prior to actual investigation. Different marketing theory is unlikely to be generated. However, the sample of the research data may show some deviation from theoretical assumptions. In this case, theory will be enhanced by the new findings. The next section will show what strategies have been used to conduct this deductive study.

3.5 Research Strategies

Several strategies were carefully thought out when planning this dissertation. The choice of the right strategy for the research is very important since it will determine what kind of data will be needed, by what means it will be gathered, what elements should be focused on and other considerations. There are many choices of research strategies to select from. Particularly, Saunders et al (2007) recommend a case study, surveys, archival research, action research and experiment. Each of the strategies will be briefly described and the choice that was made for the dissertation will be justified.

Case study has already mentioned in the discussion of inductive approach. This is a strategy that often heavily relies on qualitative data collection methods and investigation of the context of the research object. One of the good definition was provided by Robson (2002, p.178): case study is “a strategy for doing research which involves an empirical investigation of a particular contemporary phenomenon within its real life context using multiple source of evidence” (Robson 2002 p.178). The last few words have a key value in a case study strategy. They imply that triangulation has to be necessarily adopted to make valid findings in the research. Very comprehensive description of the case study strategy was provided by Yin (2003). He emphasizes how important context is in the framework of a case study. In his work, Yin (2003) offers four types of case study strategies: single, multiple, holistic and embedded. So, this strategy allows exploring not only one object but multiple cases and even breaks down each case into separate sub-cases. This strategy was only partially applicable to this research. Particularly, Starbucks in the UK was used as a single case to investigate consumer behavior and brand loyalty. However, the methods of data collection and approaches were different from those that are normally employed in a case study.

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