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When a marketer decides to segment his market according to the needs experienced by different types of customers, he should first equip himself with an in-depth knowledge (through primary and secondary research) of what the needs of his target market are and how they can be satisfied; only then can he design a campaign that addresses such needs.

In my view a fabulous print ad by Bentley with the tagline ‘You drive it because you can’, hits the nail right on the head for those driven by a Need for Achievement. People displaying this need to a greater degree than others usually associate material belongings and possessions with the success they have attained in life. The ad also has an overriding tone of pride and competitiveness, traits often possessed by high achievers. Such people relish praise from others for their accomplishments and it seems to me that this ad is trying to tell its owner that they deserve to drive a Bentley after what they have strived for in life.

Need for Power has been aptly depicted in the Toyota Land Cruiser ad. The print reads: “In primitive times, it would’ve been a God.” The ad copy is highly effective and instills a sense of sheer fear in the reader; that is exactly the feeling that a person with the Need for Power looks to create in those around him. It is almost as if the one who drives such a monster of a machine could play God to the landscape they drive over.

John Locke once said, “Man is by Nature a Social Animal” and the Need for Affiliation embodies just that; consumer buying behavior is strongly influenced by what his peers or other influential groups think of a particular brand. Technology has done much to satisfy this need through products like the cell phone, cameras, web cams etc. basically anything that keeps you in touch with those who matter in your life. For this reason I feel the LG camera phone ad holds special appeal for those with a high need for affiliation; it emphasizes ‘communication with no boundaries’ and staying connected with your loved ones.


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