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He argued that though future politics would not be purely ideological but there would be significant cultural and religious differences between the western parts and remaining parts of the world. He explained that though allocation of resources, power and territory were significant issues but culture and religion were far more important issues for world civilizations and conflicts of civilizations was inevitable due to these imperative ideological differences.

It is important to consider why religion and culture have become so important to civilizations again and the answer to this question is the increased level of globalization. “The global market tends to reduce all things to economic terms. Religion offers a different kind of solace” (Sacks p.39). Globalization has changed the way things are managed in a country and society and how values of different societies are treated. Globalization practically means drastic changes and as people are threatened by change and are reluctant towards it, they seek religion as a solution to this phenomenon. The immense differences in cultural and religious values among civilizations are sure to attract opposition and criticism on different aspects of religions being practiced by civilizations. Some civilizations are more open to criticism and freedom of speech while others strongly oppose it which results in a major conflict among these civilizations. As the phenomenon of globalization increases the importance and applicability of religious steadfastness and attachment to culture rises with it which gives way to disagreements and conflicts.

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