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The need of performance appraisals is basically to provide an employee with a less than pleasing feedback. Employees must be dealt with care and the skills used by supervisors are considered to be a critical element. Conflict arises in different situations and organizations must deal these situations in an effective and an efficient way. If the subordinate accepts the negative feedback and depicts its proactive approach then it’s quite beneficial for both the employers and the employees. But if the performance appraisal hurts the employee then the process of correction has failed. The performance of an employee deteriorates in these factors and his/her performance declines. There are certain factors related to conflicts in performance appraisal these factors are listed below:

4.1       Self-Auditing

According to Krein (1990) appraisers should not tackle employee directly with criticism. These appraisers must aim towards the appraisal interview and they must focus on the poor performance that emerges with the course of appraisal interview (Grote 2005). This process of self auditing can be done through open-ended questioning techniques and employees must be motivated to identify their own problems and they can easily rectify it. Employees must be motivated to talk to their supervisors and they must be encouraged to talk freely about their own performance. Blunt statements or accusations must not be used. Employees must be encouraged to comment on different situation through which the conflict can easily be resolved. If the superior develops a polite way of addressing things then the subordinate might admit his/her weakness.

Krein (1990) describes this situation as self auditing and he believes that this phenomenon encourages the employees to tackle issues related to performance and work. This technique also helps the employees to promote discussion and agreement on the need for change. These techniques develop an arbitrary attitude among employees and employers .
4.2       Ownership of problems

Employees develop a sense of ownership in the organization and employees believe that their problems are addressed by the organization.  Change and development can easily be stimulated within the organization and sense of ownership can be the basis of this change. When negative feedback is provided then the appraisers must support their opinions with examples and referrals to past experiences. In this scenario vague generalizations should be avoided. The organization must carefully scrutinize their perceptions, motives and prejudices regarding their employees.

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