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Evolution in advances that have been made to medicine industry begins from the emergence of this world in the universe. From then, man has been trying to improve his ways to treat patients in a better way. Technology has shown progress in every field. Similarly the field of medicine cannot be left behind for this. Communication’s conceptual models have been prevailing in the health care industry (New Jersey’s Science and Technology University, 1995).

Communication models were first proposed in 1954 so that the clinical practices could be progressed, this model was introduced in 1966. Financial and technological factors had impeded the implementation of theoretical concepts. Therefore the researchers tried for some joint ventures with insurance firms to make some progress but failed for not generating any profits and only expenses. In 1981 constrains were being faced in the way of applying technology but the capacity increases by the time and implementation of conceptual models got started from clinical assistance systems to financial management and mental health services management. These were amongst those systems which used to serve seamless service and provided the patient with his intended services whether he is interested in clinical services, billing, or any other services. Strong communication services had led perfect services delivery i.e. right provider providing right kind of service to the patient at right time and with reasonable charges (New Jersey’s Science and Technology University, 1995).

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