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The book also includes the concept of interim that is common in the Christianity. The eschatology includes the concept of interim as a period of purification. The author Hayes has described the concept of interim in the book briefly. The author Hayes has proved that the concept of purgatory or interim is in the biblical theology. The concept elaborated by Hayes had been critically appreciated by most of the theologian and therefore Hayes had been called as the learned theologians. Pinnock and Crockett agree with the work of Hayes and concluded his article as the true elaboration of the hell[1].

The last account for the elaboration of the concept of hell had been written by Pinnock. His view had been described at the conditional view that predicts. Pinnock describes the eternal life of the hell on the basis of scripture, tradition, reason and experience and culture.

The book consists of the expertise of four authors who had determined the concept of help from almost all the point of from Apostle to evangelicals and from biblical tangents to tradition interpretations of the factual information regarding orthodox and biblical interpretations.


The four authors provide the sheer scale of the annihilationist and traditional Roman Catholicism. The book had managed to address the concepts with the proper interpretations and discussion that includes the critical evaluation by the authors regarding the articles of other authors.  The only that this book lacks is the chance to the authors to response to the critiques by each other. The responses could add more in the knowledge and assertions for the readers. Overall the work had managed to get a distinction to address the concept of hell that clearly illustrates an informative ground for the all sorts of reader whether atheist or monotheist. It can be said that we would not be able to live in a prosperous manner until we know what is ahead of us.

[1] Same as (1)

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