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An important concept in consumer behavior theory that the competing brands make use of is vicarious learning. This is basically the idea that as the consumers observe actions of those around them, they tend to take them up and this results in patterns of behavior being formed which can be made use of in marketing.

Consumers also take in the consequences of those actions which then form the general opinion surrounding a brand which could be the precursor to establishing brand loyalty or animosity. Another concept that has to be kept in mind in branding of the sort that is conducted by both companies is that there is a tendency for desire to retain behavioral freedom to arise which can go against the stimuli that the marketing campaigns try to create and thus may lead to other than the desired behavior. This leads to psychological reactance and could well be the result of having the feeling of being pushed towards a certain behavior (Kumar, 2010). With the modern world of intensive advertising, this is rising in frequency and both brands take that into account in positioning the product in the consumer psyche.

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