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God has made this world and leave it on humans to explore. From the day man was created he kept on making things easier for himself. The necessities urged man to do more, and now is the time when man is progressing immensely. All the laws of chemistry, biology, physics, astrology, and all the science were the result of some heuristics, but no one knew that these laws are going to make great inventions. Small calculating device abacus led to the invention of computer; man himself did not know what he is up to.

These zeros and ones did wonders in the years ahead and today computers have advanced incredibly. Today scientists are working on making more intelligent devices which won’t even need a man’s hand to operate, and which could provide solutions to humanity with their artificial intelligence. In this paper the discussion on the consequences is shown if science advances to higher levels. With that, issues which can be raised on the advanced inventions. Also the elaboration on the smart robotic devices is discussed.

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