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Compliance policy- Under this, the employers and employees are both checked if they have complied with their duties and responsibilities. Failure of one of them to do their part would lead to a crisis. It is important that the compliance policy is strictly followed (Barnetson, 2010). This policy will ensure that every rule will be followed appropriately. Failure to do so will cause accidents to workers.

It should be punishable when one of them does not comply with the rules and regulations. It is important to conduct inspections and investigation of the working environment. This is done to ascertain who exactly is not performing their role. If a problem is identified, it will be necessary to address it most appropriately (Hughes & Ferrett, 2009). Enforcement of the law will normally be determined by how much they are being violated. If there is a higher rate of violation, it would be necessary for them to be enforced more strictly when compared to when they had very little rate of violation.

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