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Since the substantial increase in health care cost and increasing complexities of the health care system will be a dominant force in the industry over the next few years. It is essential that Medicare streamline its operation and keep costs down while keeping consumer confidence up.

In order to do this they must completely abandon the current Modus operandi they have adopted and turn towards creating a new plan that is customized towards providing a standard form of service rather than awarding cash on a performance basis. Additionally, they must insure that their new programs are not only more streamlined but are also created to insure the best health care possible for their consumers. It is inevitable that the price of the Medicare premiums will increase over the next few years. However, if Medicare changes its modes of operation from stressing quick cures to instead creating an emphasis on primary prevention the long term benefits on the civilian population and the organization will be incalculable. It is through this means that they will create a more standardized approach towards medicine and prevent the occurrence of more life threatening diseases that are considered a financial black hole.

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