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Chevron has been a part of the private oil industry and as such has had to face stiff competition for the finite oil reserves of the world. The five companies apart from Chevron that make up the world’s super major petroleum companies have all been vying for increased control over oil fields in the Middle East and Latin America and Africa.

  • Exxon Mobil has been able to set itself at the top with the highest revenues and cash flow and has benefitted tremendously from the opening up of Iraq to private oil companies, getting rid of the state run monopoly.
  • The Royal Dutch Shell group has similarly enjoyed a very favorable position in the industry. There was a slight hiccup with the advent of fraud charges against the company in terms of its oil reserve valuation but it has managed to keep its position.
  • British Petroleum has seen fluctuating fortunes recently in Europe.
  • Conocco Phillips has been strong on the tales of the Chevron in terms of revenue figures.
  • Total S.A has been relatively restricted.

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