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Blue ribbon grocery is a new company and that is the reason why it has to face stiff competition in the market. This organization has to face both direct and indirect competition from its competitors. The direct competitors of this organization are Tesco, Sainsbury, natural grocery and etc. Although there are certain other competitors but three main competitors are analyzed.

Tesco is considered as one of the leaders in the online grocery business. Tesco shopping allows consumers to shop online in a very convenient manner and grocery items are designed in a proper manner. The core communication strategy of Tesco is cutting the cost so that the end user can benefit from it. The image of the company is a low priced internet organization and it’s targeting a large group of customers (Mazurek). This organization offers large range of products which includes not only groceries but other items as well.

Sainsbury is another major player in the online retail industry and it offers different range of products to its customers. The tagline of this organization is “Making life taste better” but in the current era it has opted for a new marketing strategy in which the customers are extensively emailed about the new products and emphasis is laid on new products and the sales are usually driven from new products (MCLD).

Another major player in the online grocery business is natural This organization focuses on a differentiation strategy and the brand is quite different from the current players. The core strategy of the brand is to focus on the customers who are health conscious and they specialize in natural and organic foods (Natural Grocery ). That is the reason why their communication strategy is based on natural products.

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