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The life of the family of Jurgis was getting harder day by day because every day they were being exposed to extreme failures of law in the city. Moreover, they experienced higher rates of corruption in the city that led them to attain attributes that never thought would be there in their lives. In the later part of the book Jurgis had been projected as a depressed man because he gets completely disconnected from his family because he had been arrested thrice. Moreover, the family experienced adverse situation at home and therefore they had to leave home and move to the slum camps. The family setting in the capitalist society of Chicago was totally ruined and they were pushed to live a life of beggars (Campbell 449).

Socialism is a system where the worker has a complete right to decide and a system where the poor does not get suppressed at all. The socialism concept of running a state helps the society to use their rights to work in order to get their goals achieved. The society can achieve higher rate of mobility due to the presence of socialism in the society. The workers in a socialist society get equal rights to be trained and work without pressures. Low pressures enable men to practice and achieve better output and excellence in their particular field of labor. It becomes evident when we do the comparison between socialism and capitalism that in a capitalist society, the members work for their own rights and only few people get to achieve their goal and sustain the mobility rate while on the other hand the remaining member are left to be fed by no good means of labor as projected in the novel by Upton Sinclair (Schumpeter).

Some critiques believe that socialism and capitalism are systems which are applicable according to the beliefs and morals of people. For example, people with better moral for leading a society in a way that everyone is heading towards a prosperous end and are given equal rights and justification for a balanced setting of their lives. On the other hand, critiques propose that capitalist concept of a state provides the private sector to continue better and sustainable business opportunities that will help the market to attain better concentration for the goods being imported. Upton Sinclair is totally against the idea of capitalism and pronounced that only socialism can bring better chances and opportunities for the workers to sustain their mobility rate (Griffin and Feldman 366).

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