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In essence, the three technologies compared here have their own benefits and drawbacks. It is unfair to say that one is better than the other as they offer unique advantages and can suffice in various conditions under differing environments. Where speed is required, cable is made use of. Where mobility is an issue, wireless technologies like Bluetooth and Infrared can be employed. They also impose varying limits on cost. One element therefore that can be used to distinguish between them is their relative costs.

Considering a situation where price is not an issue and users can employ any technology in terms of its advantages, for a user with a bulk load of data transfer to be carried out, cable technology will be optimal. However, if the user craves mobility and cleaner spaces with less obstruction, wireless technology is undoubtedly the answer. As technologies develop further, one can assume wireless methods such as Bluetooth and Infrared may be able to transfer at greater speeds and handle larger amounts of data. Thus, they may slowly replace cable technology as the most used in the years to come. However as of right now, cable based communication technology remain the primary used one by users worldwide.

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