Comparing Human Intelligence with Artificial Intelligence

Comparing Human Intelligence with Artificial Intelligence – In this research, we explored the answer to the possibility of a takeover by computers of the human race. We primarily used a survey of housewives, students, and IT-oriented business professionals while a survey of the literature was also carried out for benchmarking the opinion of experts actually involved in developing technologies that could facilitate such a possibility. Our primary research indicates a general positive belief that a computer takeover may be possible, due to the fact that computer technology has followed Moore’s law in its development and has also seen wide acceptance in every walk of life.

This indicates that if computers ever want to take over, it would be very easy for them. However, the question remains if the computer will become intelligent enough to think about a takeover. This question has been negatively answered in most of the literature found on the topic.

The most important reason that founds the basis of this answer is the fact that mere computer speed may not be enough to make computers think. Complex technology will also have to be developed in order to correctly simulate the human brain, which may or may not be possible in the future.

Furthermore, it has also been said that it is wrong to compare human intelligence with artificial intelligence since both are based on a totally different architecture, in which human brain excels. Even if the computers are made intelligent, they would realize that the relationship between them is symbiotic and no one would gain anything from a takeover (Gerhenson, 2003).

Therefore, the result of this research is that computers may be able to work faster than a human brain, but they will never become as intelligent as a human brain and thus there is no possibility of a takeover.

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