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Executive Summary

Fairfax Media Limited is one of the largest newspaper and media companies in Australia and New Zealand with a strong presence in the Unites States of America. The successfulness of the company has been analysed in this report through three key areas of business operations. The three areas have been analysed carefully using the multivariate approach of analysis where more than on variable of a company or scenario is analysed to reach a valid conclusion. The three variables studied here are the market success, financial success and accomplishment of corporate objectives. The three areas of business evaluated for a thorough analysis include situation and SWOT analysis, financial analysis and stakeholder analysis.

The three areas have been analysed separately and the individual and combined results indicate that the company is quite successful in all the three areas but due to the recent global financial crisis and significant decrease in advertisement revenue the company has reported significant losses in 2009. All of the three areas analysed indicate that the company is quite successful in the areas of market, finance and meeting corporate objectives. The situation analysis included in the report presents the corporate and competitive strategy of Fairfax Media with a SWOT analysis of the company. The situation and SWOT analysis clarify the overall strategy of the company and the SWOT analysis helps in identifying the strong and weak points of the company with reference to the size, strategy and policies of the company.

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