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FCC introduced consent agreement to get a guarantee that the concerned company will not be performing such acts against throttling and neutrality. Therefore it can be stated that net neutrality has been supported greatly by FCC agency. Companies like Rogers and Telus which are against net neutrality have only one option for FCC which is to contact congress for introducing new laws. Later on bills were passed on the issues regarding net neutrality. One bill was Internet Freedom and Nondiscrimination Act and the other was Communications Opportunity, Promotion, and Enhancement Act of 2006 (Block, 2007).

This law was called neutrality bill which condemns the data discrimination performed through content’s source and user employed devices. The second bill presented sturdier stipulations for encompassing net neutrality and this bill was first rejected before the approval. Till now several bills for ensuring net neutrality like Internet Freedom Preservation Act which announces not to interfere with users on the same network or different. It also announces not to block content and sources of content or use of useful legal network device. Provider should be enabling application, services, or content which is provided with reasonability, which is rapidly relaying content, and which is not charged for different rates and charges for diverse contents. Broadband services should enable standalone services with prohibiting the procure amount for cable or VoIP application service. There is a chance that protection of net neutrality would be fortified shortly (Block, 2007).

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