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The gatekeeper rejects the majority of communication that is made to reach the mind through advertisements of various products and services. This is also a symptom of advertisers aiming for marketing to the wrong mind nowadays. The adverts should be positioned so as to break through the gate keeper and the brand communication must resonate with the subconscious perception of the consumers, which can only be achieved in the second mind.

It can be said to harbor what is termed as the “brand hotspot”, an area where the best perception about a brand is created, prompting him to prefer the product in case. This requires more reliance on talking about the customer rather than the company or the product. It needs to be put across to the viewers that what the company can do for them rather than informing about the firm and what it provides. A feel good factor needs to accompany this and should be well tested and honed to the appropriate requirements of the customer at large, which if carried out, can result in great dividends for the advertiser.

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