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The strategic management process of an organization incorporates different elements like mission, vision, objectives, development of strategies and implementation of the strategies and evaluation of performance (Nelson & Alkhafaji, 2003). Since employees are considered as an asset of an organization that is the reason why the entire strategy must be conveyed properly to employees before a strategy is being implemented in an organization. The employees must be well aware of the fact that what are the mission and objectives of Bakery on wheels.

In the similar manner the employees must know that since it’s a start up business that is the reason why they must know what the strategies of the organization are and how these strategies will be implemented in the organization. As far as the communication processes are concerned then it can be said that in a small organization like Bakery on wheels the communication processes must be simple and openly accessible to every member of the organization. Furthermore, direct communication and a decentralized environment should prevail in the organization. This would benefit the employees in both the short and the long run and the employees of the organization through proper communication patterns can easily understand the overall strategy of the organization. That is the reason why strategists and analysts believe that when an organization is implementing a certain strategy then communication patterns should be clear and concise so that the employees can easily understand them.

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