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He worked and advocated all the myths and realities associated with the origin of Black civilization. He talked about the colonialism and racism done in Africa by the whites. He studies and worked it out geographically to analyze the cultural and social structures of Black African, Egyptian, and European civilizations so as to incorporate the differences in his thesis and also to figure out the reality and vagueness in the past works of history (Free Speech Mauritana 2006).

His studies of Egyptology and anthropology helped him big time for finding out the color, creed and customs of human species. He provided the real picture of barbarism and civilization in his works to prove the predominance of Africans and to prove the Egyptians a part of African black society. He disproves the claim of White Europeans who try to own Egyptians just because of their righter past and influence in world’s history. He also unveiled the fact that historically Europeans have not much to show as achievements for science, art, culture and advancements of any kind of category (Free Speech Mauritana 2006).

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