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The USSR had to deal with the Asian giant as well and since relations were no longer as before, Soviet influence in East Asia dropped. The US still kept up economic support in the region, especially in the case of South Korea which saw massive influx of America capital and rapid development. This was necessary to show the capitalist model as superior to the communist and provide a contrast with North Korea which itself had a crippled economy following the war (Gallichio 1988).

Thus, it can be seen that East Asia was a crucial platform for the Cold War. Seeing two major encounters with two direct involvements by a super power and other conflicts, the region was a battleground between two ideologies, experiencing the brunt of their military and economic might. The main reason for this importance of East Asia was the emergence of China as a communist state (Chen 2001). With such a big country with enormous resources being on one side, the other had to take action in the region which could easily have come under the sphere of influence of this illustrious neighbor. This involvement prompted propaganda value in terms of promoting one ideology over the other in the region as a means of elucidating its superiority to the rest of the world. These reasons and the ensuing decolonization in the region brought the Cold War to East Asia.

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