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A theory named cognitive reinforcement theory emerged as the most stimulating theory. Cognitive learning needs reinforcement as its basic feature. Theory suggests that there are cognitive events which responds another event and stimulates from the exterior of the body. This stimulus invokes further events and get into the non-stop stream of events and is a part of cognitive sciences.

Events are usually the behaviors that are treated under the same way as other events are. These events should evidently make people learn in with the similar rules. Learning can be got by contiguity. Debatable topic of discussion the cognitive learning says that without reinforcement general learning will not be applied.  In the theory one would be inclined to know the factors of reinforcement. For it is so clear that if we perceive any image or thought times and again, contiguity provision goes up to unlimited. Cognitive learning must have reinforcement and this ability offered how the cognitive activity guides over behavior (Kendon, 2008).

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