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Implementation of the strategies is considered as a critical element in every business plan and devising a proper code of ethics policy statement is an important strategy for both the short and the long run. The code of ethics policy statement contains the policy oriented issues related to employees, customers, government, etc.

Cosmo Coffee maintains strict policies and regulations on its employees which is related and linked with the standards of conduct that are expected in certain areas where certain improper activities can damage the reputation of the company and it might result is serious consequences for the company that can easily tarnish the organizations image. The core purpose of the policy statement is to set the standards of the organization with respect to certain political contributions and payments. The code of ethics policy statement for Cosmo coffee is given below:

  • Compliance with the antitrust laws

Cosmo Coffee would recognize itself as an organization that complies with the antitrust laws of the United States of America. The business decisions of Cosmo coffee are relevant with the antitrust laws and any deviation from the laws can be injurious for the company in both the short and the long run. . The managers of the organization must organize the operations in such a way that no illegal activity should initiate in the organization. Similarly, no illegal competitive practices must be initiated in the organizations that are against the antitrust laws.

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