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In the competitive industry, if one needs to consider the needs for something, its alternatives have to be considered. If the company had instead employed product standardization, it would have enjoyed a separate set of unique advantages. Since the product would have been standard, it would have brought down costs of production.

The same process would have been used at each facility to produce the same product with the same specifications and it would probably have led to a rise in production quantity as well. Furthermore, all the resources of the company that are spent for a variety of advertisement and promotional campaigns for catering to the varying segments and continuous innovation for each would have been saved. This would have had further impact on costs and this much expending of resources would not have been necessary. However, this approach does not consider the realities of the market. Every product has a life cycle which wanes out eventually and if a company does not employ product differentiation, it soon wanes away among a group of others marketing similar products. Costs alone are not the issue. The product needs to be what the customer requires and likes and in a competitive industry like the carbonated soft drink industry, it is necessary for survival. Since the Coca Cola Company employs this and enjoys a favorable market position, this is testament to the marvels of product differentiation.

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