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There has been heated debate about the issue of closing the detention camp at Guantanamo Bay. Advocates of the closure of the detention camp claim that the prisoners at Gitmo (as it is referred to) are subjected to intense interrogation techniques that put the victims under excruciating pain and torture (Rhee, 2009). They also claim that the interrogation methods employed at the prison are in complete contradiction of the United States of America stands for and the values of the US people.

What these people (or pseudo-intellectuals) fail to realize is that this decision to close Guantanamo Bay prison may cost the United States dearly in the years to come. The fact is that most people serving in the prison camp are hardened criminals with little or no regard for the lives of the people they have taken and for the lives of those that they will most surely take if released from the prison. For example, the Washington Post claimed that not less than ten of the released prisoners from Gitmo have been found engaged in warfare against US forces in both Pakistan and Afghanistan (Spencer, Cohen, Phillips, & Kochems, 2005).

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