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The only way these individuals find themselves in a situation where they can protect their social rights to their own health is to sue the companies or the hospital. An example of this conflict taken to the political spectrum is found with Hilary Clinton. Hilary Clinton was a champion of the Clinton health care plan to reform the system in the United States. Seen as a crusader of change she is defeated by left wing republicans who see her plan as a move towards socialism. Seven years later she becomes a senator of New York now silently paid by the very industry she once fought to change receiving donations second only to Rick Santorum (Moore, 2007).

This failure works on a macro level conflict theory as that observes how societal changes do not affect the individual but rather society as a whole. Though Hilary Clinton used her power and influence in an attempt to create a functional change in society that it desperately needed to remain in equilibrium. However, her failure bought about a macro level change further establishing the status quo and creating an environment where the ones with power continue to have the advantage over those who don’t, cementing the power that various organizations had over the United States health care industry. This enforced an environment where health insurance was connected to employment.

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