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This essay discusses Identification, Location and Classification of Information. The first task is to identify critical and sensitive pieces of information which need to be restricted to specific individuals. This must ideally be done at the time when such information is being authored, but may be done later depending upon the situation (Axelrod, C., Bayuk, & Schutzer, 2009).

Metadata or meta-information is a structured set of information that describes a set of properties for a particular set of data. These properties typically include information such as the author, the format, the length, the organization affiliation and the intended recipients of a particular set of information (Contos, Crowell, Derodeff, Dunkel, & Cole, 2007). Using meta-data, information centric security systems label a set of data depending upon its level of sensitivity. Metadata labelling is also used to classify which individuals should have the right to read to a particular set of information and which individual should have the right to alter it (Hill, 2009).

Metadata must conform to the same standards organization-wide, in order to be of benefit. All informational elements should be tagged with a standard meta-tagging (Hill, 2009).

Security metadata can prevent sensitive information from being copied to removable media such as CD-RWs and USB disk drives or being sent with emails as attachments. (Contos, Crowell, Derodeff, Dunkel, & Cole, 2007)

An organization’s need to protect a particular set of information varies. Some information needs to be public and viewable by everyone, while it needs to be protected from alteration. For example electronic newsletters issued by an organization hosted on their websites needs to be viewable to all people, but it should be editable only by those who the organization has authorized to issue it (Axelrod, C., Bayuk, & Schutzer, 2009).

Other types of data may need to be viewable by only a select group of people while at the same time being alterable by each one of them. For example; a marketing plan being developed by the marketing team of a business needs to be protected from viewing by those outside the group while each person within the group may need to be given complete editing privileges on the document (Contos, Crowell, Derodeff, Dunkel, & Cole, 2007).

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