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The first type of learning was actually discovered in the form of classical conditioning theory. This theory was formulated by a theorists named as Ivan Pavlov. This theory is also names as respondent learning theory. A certain involuntary action is related in this type of theory. For e.g. if air blows then the eyes of every individuals shuts down this behavior or reflective response is because of the past experiences and innate attitude (Zastrow & Ashman, 2006). The phenomenon of globalization is linked with this theory and when an individual hears the elements globalization then a collective attribute comes in its mind that something collective is going to happen and no individual’s aspects are there to control this phenomenon and globalization is linked with the global aspect. Similarly, certain other advance objectives like mixing up the economies and having a collective currency also comes in mind when the work globalization is being heard.

These globalization theories clearly depict that people are integrated with each other and the phenomenon of globalization offers the individual to collaborate with each other. The aspects of globalization are very important for the modern society and it clearly depicts the attributes of how people live with each other. The world is transforming into a global village just because of globalization and individuals from different countries understand the cultural heritage and norms of other cultures and traditions. Organizations are transforming themselves into mega enterprises and they are enlarging their vision through globalization and this approach is enhancing their profits. They are benefitting from it on both the short and the long run.

Chinese culture and Indian culture is amalgamating with the cultures of other countries and westerns because of their products like dresses, food and etc are slowly and gradually depicting an adaptive behavior towards these cultures. The internet is also helping the societies and it helps different individuals and societies to break down the cultural boundaries by enabling easy way of communication. That is the reason why internet is directly linked with the process of cultural globalization and through internet the collaboration between individuals is that are far away from each other is possible. Globalization has drastically changed the living styles of different individuals and societies and in the current era it is possible that someone in America can be eating Japanese noodles wearing an Indian dress. The restaurants are offering culturally enriched food because of globalization because restaurants like McDonalds, Pizza Hut and etc believes that the customer base of their organization is quote wide and varied and they have to adopt new and modernized ways to cater their customers.

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