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The concept of clash of civilizations is based on the ideology that civilizations will clash eventually due to cultural and religious differences. The debate on the clash of civilizations took toll in the 90s when political scientists put forth an idea that in the post cold war world conflicts would primarily be based on cultural and religious differences rather than territory, ideology or economics. The proponents of this theory view that world civilizations will revert back to the basic differences in culture when conflicts arising out of territory and economic systems such as capitalism and socialism have been resolved.

These proponents believe that the ultimate conflict among civilizations would be based ultimately on primary differences of cultural and religious nature. The opponents of this theory on the other hand believe that peace and harmony can be obtained among civilizations through proper dialogue on appropriate platforms. In recent times the world has witnessed conflicts arising out of cultural and religious differences such as severe opposition against freedom of speech in the western countries from Muslim estates and ethnic groups, the war against terrorism being termed as a religious war and conflicts related to different religions in various parts of the world. The common factor in all these conflicts can be identified as cultural, religious and ethnic differences.

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