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In the same conversation his dialogue points towards the soul state of man when Simmias and Socrates discuss that people have a mindset that if they do not pursue bodily pleasures, opulence, food and merrymaking they are as good as if they were dead. The people give too much importance to satisfying their material wants and in satisfying those material wants, the soul of a man is lost.

Things like absolute good, absolute beauty and absolute justice are lost to man when he is tied in servile bonds to satisfy his hunger for food, the love of money, power and victory in wars, and admiration of idols and fulfillment of lust. These hinder the process of thought in a man and principles of justice and goodness cannot be gauged by the ears and eyes, rather they are to be felt by the mind and soul and reflected upon in order to arrive at what characterizes the true individual in a person. Material obsessions and pursuits blind men from attaining knowledge and induce fear and confusion in the path of attaining the truth. A person who achieves wisdom and knowledge of himself and leads a life of virtue is least afraid of death for only those are afraid of death who still yearn for bodily pleasures and repine when death comes to them because they have not gotten enough of their material power and wealth (Plato, n.p)

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