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In Christianity forgiving one another is very important to make the life peaceful. Relationships must be on the base of forgiving. This is very known to Christians and this is their goal to keep their lord to be happy with them by forgiving others. Jesus taught that a deserving person needs to have reconciliation. Jesus said: ”if he trespass against thee seven times in a day, and seven times in a day turn again to thee saying, I repent, thou shalt forgive him” (Luke 17:4) (Mizzi, Forgiving one another).

Jewish and Forgiveness:

Jewish teaches the mankind to have peace and forgive people and people who do not deserve to be forgiven, should not be forgiven.

“From where do we know that it is cruel to not forgive? For it says, “Abraham prayed to G-d and G-d healed Abimelech.” (Bereishit (Genesis) 20:17)” (Ahavat Israel).

Therefore from above stated facts in respectof different religions it is quite evident that only those people need to be forgivin who are guilty and deserve to be. Plays by Shakespeare provide a wide range of examples of forgiveness which are flawless but in real life man is on his own intenstions. Forgiveness is a deed that a wise man does and if it’s not he tries to be a God. A person whol is forgiven must learn from the mistake and should be guilty. Shakespeare helped enlighteneing these facts.

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