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An organization spends a hefty amount of time in choosing a proper media because this medium transfers information from one source to an individual or towards a mass market. In this scenario a proper approach must be utilized by an organization and the preferences of the target market, budget and other necessary elements must be kept in mind (Chernatony 2006). The core promotional campaigns of an organization initiates through the collaboration of different mediums. There are different types of mediums that can be effectively used in this scenario and these mediums can easily benefit an organization in both the short and the long run. Different types of media with reference to the target market are given below:


Television is widely used by different organizations to market their brands and this source is usually used by the mass market. Although this medium is considered to be an expensive medium but it will definitely attract the target market if the advertisement campaign is designed effectively and efficiently (Liebes 1998). People from 14-22 are usually considered as an individual’s that spends a hefty amount of time with television. That is the reason why organizations focus a lot on marketing their brands through advertising on the television. Organizations can use different endorsement techniques through television and in this manner they can effectively market their brands to this age group.

Online Advertisement

Research depicts that people of today’s world spend a hefty amount of their time on the internet. That is the reason why they respond to the advertisements that are presented on the internet. This medium is inexpensive as compared to other mediums and the effectiveness of this medium is more as compared to other mediums when an organization is marketing its brand to the target market of 14-22 years old (Chernatony 2006). That is the reason why organization effectively uses this medium through emails, marketing on different websites and pop up ads (Gaunlett 2002).


This medium is also effective but it is not viable for a clothing brand because unless and until the target market sees what the company is offering they won’t buy the product (Chevalier 2008). This scenario is applicable in the clothing industry. However, this medium can be used for other promotional campaigns of the same brand.

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