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Interestingly, if you did manage to leave any cleaning abject lying around on New Year’s Day, then you will have to wait till the next day to be taken to task for it since all bickering or crying needs to be avoided on that day, and my parents rightly felt that if one mistake had been made already then we did not necessarily need to follow it up with another.  Of course, children often take advantage of this one day of immunity to be as mischievous as they please.

Back in China, I even knew a friend, Ma Ayi, whose grandmother would not allow her to wash her hair on New Year’s Day for the same reason.  Since it is considered a good practice to get dressed up and sit in the living room to welcome good luck in, I would be advised of the same by her grandmother in front of everyone assembled in the room, with her telling me how she had not allowed Ma to wash up at all that day to make sure that she does not end up washing away her luck..  I am not sure which one of us used to be the more uncomfortable and embarrassed at that time, me or Ma.  My own grandmother liked making sure that besides cleaning objects, we also left no knives or sharp objects lying about as this may injure the good luck entering the house.  Interestingly, her list of sharp objects even included pencil sharpeners!

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