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Therefore, certain individuals and societies believe that children whose parents are gays and lesbians do not face any difficulties in the short and the long run. The parents and the children both claim that they are happy and they are living a comfortable life with their gay parents. Similarly, the research also depicts that gay parents are more concerned about their children like any other parents and this positively affects the growth of the children (Lev). Children become friendlier in such atmosphere and this directly affects their personal and professional development. In the similar manner research predicts that children who are actually living in gay homes are more prone to identify the elements of diversity and they are more tolerant to diversity and they understands the value of multicultural societies. These children who are adopted by gay or lesbian parents are considered to be less aggressive and they have the tendency to resolve conflicts that arises between their school mates or college mates.

However, the issue is not over yet and it is believed straight couples are more privileged in the society as compared to gay couples and they are considered more as family oriented. It is quite true that in several countries the gay marriages are legal but still in several countries gays lack the right to adopt. That is the reason why certain philosophers and certain school of thoughts believe that they should be given the right to adopt children and it this manner the number of orphaned children would reduced in the society and these children would definitely grow in a more caring family. Different schools of thoughts also believe in the fact that every individual should have their own right unless and until they are conflicting with the general rights of citizens. In the similar manner every individual and government should identify that we are living in the 21st century and every country shouts a lot about democracy. The element of democracy stresses on the phenomenon of freedom for all. Therefore, the gays must be given the permission to marry and after marriage they can adopt children as well. Furthermore, there are certain scenarios that are associated with this concept like when gay people are ready to adopt children and they are allowed to do so then lot of people start adopting children as well and they would leave their orphanages and they would love to be adopted by children who love them and take good care of them. A kid really wants is basically the unconditional love of his/her parents and that can easily be provided by gay parents and these children would definitely feel a difference in their life. If they are not adopted then they live with hundreds of children in an orphanage with lesser facilities and without real care (Hill).

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