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The ethical aspect of child labor in underdeveloped countries is debatable. Children make up a big part of economically starved populations. These children are either blessed with homes or are left alone on the streets.

Sometimes the children who are blessed with homes are thrown out to the streets because their family cannot afford the burden of feeding another child. Children on the street face two dilemmas: they must beg to earn a living and sleep at night under a bridge and be prone to sexual abuse or help their families by working under horrendous conditions. Both of these circumstances are forms of child abuse but deciding which one is the least damaging is a difficult task. Developed nations sometimes do not understand this epidemic when they boycott a corporation that might operate in an underdeveloped country. Consumers can fight child abuse all over the world by demanding better standards. In other words, children should be allowed to work, but they should be given all the rights any other employee in the home country might have. Stripping children of their jobs in underdeveloped countries will not eradicate the problem. Instead the problem will increase because more kids will flee to the streets and be prone to sexual abuse.

Child labor, a form of child abuse can be eradicated by keeping the children in underdeveloped countries employed. Each corporation must then embark on a path of ‘corporate social responsibility’ and equip these children with a roof over their head and an education. Abuse begins when a rip away equality rights from individuals. Children should be employed by big corporations like Marks & Spencer while keeping the strategic benefits in mind. The children should not work over time, the work places should be well lit, the needles or work tools should be child friendly and the children should be given breaks like every other employee in the home country of the corporation. Lodgings for the children should be built next to the factory with safety surveillances to provide protection from predators. The children should be given a basic education by forming a school within the factory. Each child would get an opportunity to support his or her family while receiving an education and staying away from harm that might be present on the streets.

According the BBC documentary the customers of Marks & Spencer revealed that they would pay more money to buy their clothes if they were assured that the proper protocol was in place in the factories located in underdeveloped nations. Developed country populations sometimes fail to realize the unfortunate circumstances that are present in underdeveloped countries. If corporations follow this plan they can successfully eradicate child labor once and for all. By providing shelter and an education the corporation would equip each child with an opportunity to go after his or her dreams. Once these children grow up they will have had a stable childhood and be able to support their own children. The consumers in developed nations need to be convinced of a strategic eradication of child labor through corporate social responsibility.

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