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Child abuse in one of the many devastating forms of abuse and is especially prevalent in underdeveloped countries. Child labor is also a form of child abuse. In developed countries like the United States and the United Kingdom there are countless laws that protect children from harm and over bearing work conditions. Unfortunately, in economically deprived countries child labor is a common fact of life that no one seems to mind. In a country where even the elderly are unemployed and underpaid it is hard to pay attention to the over-employment of children. Most underdeveloped countries are highly in debt and in economic turmoil and they seek out any opportunity to make money. Developed countries capitalize on the underdeveloped nation’s economic dependency.

Big corporations like Marks and Spencer operate their factories in countries like India and use child labor to produce more clothes a lower cost. In a recent documentary by BBC a reporter exploited the child labor used by Marks & Spencer in India. Children who were less then ten year olds were found in shabby houses embroidering clothes that would later by worn by British women. These children spent countless hours under dim light sewing in sparkly beads while puncturing their fragile fingers. When the BBC reporter found these children they told him that they worked very hard for very little pay. Some of the children had been working there for two years. At one of the factories that supplied the finished products to Marks & Spencer the employees revealed that they worked over time and were not given any benefits. (Embroidered T-Shirt) The man who conducted the documentary took footage back to England and tracked down women who owned t-shirts that were embroidered by tiny Indian hands. Each of the women who owned these articles of clothing were appalled and demanded that the responsibility of a corporation is to deliver products to consumers that are not violating any ethical codes.

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