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When I was a kid my aunt was diagnosed with lung cancer. She used to be one of the most fashionable and fun-loving people I knew. She has barely turned forty when she passed away. She had grown sick of the chemotherapy. Her bones were brittle like hollow ice cubes.

She lost each strand of her long and voluminous mane. She couldn’t drink water without feeling uncomfortable and she had lost her appetite. She had lost her spirit. The effects of chemotherapy are severe. Doing drugs is like going through chemotherapy without cancer and pouring alcohol down our systems often results in inflicting chemotherapy on someone without cancer.

In 2004, every 31 minutes someone died in an accident related to drunk driving. (Riverside) I had read a poem once titled ‘mom’. It was in the seventh grade. The poem started off with a girl writing to her mom. She said that she had gone to a party with a few friends but she had been a good girl. Her mom had always told her not to drink and drive. She said to her mom she was headed back home from the party and she was buckled up. She had been a good girl. She told her mom she was sober and she would always listen to her mom. She said she was almost home but a man crashed into her. She was on the floor helpless even though she hadn’t drunk and drove. She told her mom in letter from her death bed that she had been a good girl and that she didn’t drink and drive but she still became the victim. In the ninth grade, a girl I knew came to school crying. She was wearing black because she was mourning her friend’s death. Her friend had not been drinking and driving, the other person had. She said his bones were crushed and there was blood everywhere.

Drug abuse is common amongst youngsters. Drugs at a party are the norm. Drug abuse goes on at every high school party. Many people get addicted and suffer the severe long term effects. The first memory I have of drug abuse is from a movie I watched when I was young. It was the first time I was introduced to the word “hallucinations.” The picture of a young woman lying morbid on the floor after an unpleasant hallucination still plays back in my mind every time a person talks about drugs. The heroine addicted to heroine goes crazy when she runs out of her supply of drugs. She loses her appetite and her body rejects all liquids.

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