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Diop wrote his analysis to give illumination to African complexes, so that they can come out of it and proudly step ahead with the world. He wanted his addressees to know that their land Africa is not a divided land. It is the outgrowth of the efforts from centuries. Therefore all the Africans should know that their land is united and the division is not acceptable between North Africa and sub-Saharan. He wants them to know that they are united in every way (Campbell 2007).

Linguistically if we see, his study and analysis has proved them to be a single nation. Their historical connection also links them up with each other. Genetically they are similar by color and creed. Their psychologies match so there is no point in talking about their connection with any other nation (Campbell 2007).

Dr. Diop says that the cultural unity surpasses the synthetic formation of states. After that the generation that came out was colonial. Africans base themselves as a federated state where the theories of matriarchic system matches and women being the central figure have dominant right. This bicameralism of Africa was to be shown up soon enough off the autonomous system. Dr. Cheikh Anta Diop considered African unity to be founded on the pillars of fundamentalism, liberty and sovereignty (Campbell 2007).

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