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Once again, only a woman with the qualities for charismatic leadership could be thinking in terms of her own transformation into a stunner that resembles a perfect lady sovereign.  The Wife of Bath appears pompous or conceited in her Prologue, which is an autobiographical account longer than her Tale.  But it may very well be that she appears showy purely because she has the qualities to lead people in one way or another, even if these people are made up of a single sex – her own.

In that case, I would not describe her as pompous or conceited.  I would call her brilliant and glorious, a light that cannot be contained within walls like the purely submissive wives of the day.  The Wife of Bath deserves self-praise because is fighting for something, call it women’s rights if you will, and needs all the encouragement she can get, even if it only comes from within herself.  She has given birth to something new through her Prologue and her Tale – something that was never before explored through the mind of a woman in the Middle Ages – that women, too, have minds of their own, can think for themselves, and do everything that men can do, including leading a nation.

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