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The femme fatal in the post classical era seemed to be transformed the most. These movies were often given the nature of murderous. More than one actress had been casted for these movies. If one woman was given a role of a murderous than the other one was given the opposite role. The narratives can also be considered as a fully transformed characteristic of the post classical era. The narratives are the film noir movies of all the era has been subjected to identical narratives as well but the division of the genre in the developmental period solely describes the changes in the narrative (Silve, Ursini and Duncan).

The iconography is another important characteristic that was evident in all the films of film noir in the post classical era. Iconography is fundamental for all genres.  Few examples of the film noir iconography include the sidewalks, rainy streets, water-drenched streets, carnivals and flashy signboards. The props that have been used in these movies included bar telephones, tape recorders and newspapers. Moreover the important areas for villains had been selected in these movies were casinos and bars.


A very good example of post classical era of film noir is Breathless released in 1960. The protagonist of the movie named Michael steals a car and is caught by the police but somehow he manages to escape. He runs to his girl friend and starts living with her without telling her that he had been involved in a crime and that he is on the wanted list of the police. Michael’s girl friend has no idea that Michael is a thug. The protagonist had been described in the characteristics is running from his past. Michael’s girlfriend Patricia gets to know that he is a thug when the police come to her place and questions her.  Patricia tells everything to the police regarding Michael. In the ending sequence of the movie, protagonist of the movie dies during protracted run for escape. The location of the movie is more of dark settings such as the chase in the darker streets that is the main characteristic of the film noir movies.

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