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“To kill the mockingbird” is a very interesting and well-known novel by Nelle Harper Lee. This novel revolves around the character of a young, intelligent and an innocent girl, namely Lousie Finch who goes by the nickname “scout”. The thesis for this paper holds that the lead character Lousie learns from the environment within which she grows and by doing so, adapts to conditions and circumstances that one would not expect the average everyday girl to cope with.

Scout is the protagonist of the story and the novel starts off when she was 6 years old. Scout is portrayed as an intelligent young girl who loves to write and read. As the novel moves froth, Scout is experiencing her growing age. Scout likes to reveal the mysteries of the world she lives in. She lives and has been nurtured by her father and the only brother named Jeremy Atticus Finch in Columbia. In the beginning of the novel she is illustrated as a girl without fear when it comes to fighting boys.

Atticus doesn’t rive a dump truck for the county, he isn’t sheriff, he doesn’t farm or work in a garage. Other fathers go hunting, play poker or fish. Atticus works in an office and reads” (Lee 2).

The character of scout is dynamic as she goes through many hurdles of her childhood. In the beginning of the novel scout does not want to act like a girl nor like a lady. She is illustrated as a tomboy figure. Later on in the novel her figure changes into a beautiful girl.

In her childhood she is fascinated and sometimes disappointed by the people around her and how they subsisted. She experiences different events in the novel. Some of the examples are the encounters at school, the legendary “Boo” and other people she comes across in her life.

Her character speaks for the young girls like her and how they gaze at the things and relationships in life. Moreover her character shows how different events impact young girls like her.

Therefore the thesis statement is proved to be true as the character goes through many hurdles in her childhood and what she adapts after all the happenings in her life, what an average girl is not exposed to.

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