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As far as the channels of direct marketing is concerned there are different channels of direct marketing like direct mail, telemarketing, voicemail marketing, direct selling, broadcasting, etc. The direct mail in this aspect is considered as the most common medium of marketing and certain organizations stresses a lot on it because of the fact that it’s cheap. However, certain strategists believe that this mode of marketing although is quite cheap but it reduces the effectiveness of the brand and the consumers in the long run won’t buy a product or service that was sold in this manner (Meisner, 2006).

However, certain other sources like selling the products or services through internet like direct chat, etc is usually considered as an effective tool. Another important aspect that is used in the marketing of products is known as voicemail marketing and organizations stress a lot on it however it depends on the objectives and the goals of the business. However, consumers have mixed reactions over it and certain consumers like it because it is an effective tool of communication while there are certain consumers that consider this process as a spam and they are not satisfied with this approach.

Direct marketing clearly explains that web is a global media because of number of factors. Internet is so diverse that organizations in certain scenarios are unaware about the fact that who are their prospect customers because they are diverse in different aspects. In the similar manner their needs and their behavior cannot be gauged without research and in order to conduct research the web can be considered as the most appropriate medium. Furthermore, it can be said that the internet is definitely considered as a global medium because of its global approach and the way customers are targeted through it.

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