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McDonalds is usually criticized a lot because this organization focuses a lot on kids. This organization spends over two billion dollars annually on advertising and the main target groups of this company are children. The promotional campaigns of this organization incorporate elements like collectible toys, television advertisements focusing on kids, etc. That is the reason why parents are criticizing the marketing campaigns of McDonalds and they actually believe that this is not appropriate.

Although, McDonalds continuously claims that they are following all the rules of marketing in each country where they are operating. Strategists and certain social groups are even planning to ban the advertising on children (McSoptlight, 2008). The analysts usually say that is McDonalds practicing philanthropy or it’s an artificial strategy to target the children through learning programs in schools.

As a marketing manager, I would definitely change the marketing strategy of this organization. The first step is to understand the fact that since McDonalds is receiving hefty amount of negative publicity therefore they should change their target market. McDonald’s can change their strategy and they can target families which would also include kids. In this manner a healthy image would be depicted in the eyes of the consumers. McDonalds can arrange family fairs and market their brands in events that are closely associated with families. Thus, it can be said although it is probable that they might suffer in the initial stage but in the long run this might prove a beneficial strategy for this organization.

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