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In order to change the brand identity of a certain brand the steps of brand identity must be identified. Strategists and analysts believe that there are 10 steps that are involved in developing a brand identity for a certain brand (Temporal 2002). These steps with reference to the current organization and target market are explained below:

  1. Do your homework: Since the organization is a clothing company which is an existing one that is the reason why they must have formed their mission and vision statements. But, since they are targeting a different target market that is the reason why they must change their objectives and it must be aligned with the target market of 14-22 (Keller 2007).
  2. Answering the key questions: The key questions that are related to the target market and the needs of the target market must be identified.
  3. Interacting with the target market: The organization and especially the marketing staff must conduct surveys and interact with the target market.
  4. Identify the previous marketing patterns: The marketing strategies of competitors must be identified by the decision makers and strategists of this organization and it should be noted that how they have targeted this segment of 14-22 years.
  5. Brainstorm and initiate creative ideas: The creative copy for this target market must be developed by the organization.
  6. Develop a logo: Since the organization is catering other targets as well that is the reason why there is no need to develop a new logo (Batey 2008). However, if they are willing to revamp the entire strategy than an entire new logo must be developed which would also focus the new target market.
  7. Getting the feedback from both the internal and external stakeholders: In order to market the customers of the organization the entire idea must first be conveyed internally in an organization and in this way both the internal and external stakeholders can be managed easily.
  8. Developing a viable branding strategy: A proper and a viable branding strategy must be developed for the brand and the ultimate focus must be laid on the new target market (Batey 2008).
  9. Marketing plan and Communications strategy: In the similar manner a proper marketing plan and an integrated marketing communications strategy must be developed.

10.  Implement what has been planned: The entire plan must be implemented and unlike planning and organizing emphasis must be laid on the factor of implementation (Aaker 2004).

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