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The constitution defines the basic structure of the government. There are many reasons to prevent rapid changes to the basic structure of the government. A stable country needs to have a stable system of government, in addition in order to prevent the rise of a tyranny, it is necessary to prevent the concentration of power in one institution.

Under a democratic government the devolution of government power depends is constantly under threat from the elected officials. Elected officials always attempt to concentrate power within themselves, with no limits on the changes in government; the party in power could easily change the nature of a government from a democracy to an autocracy.

In order to prevent far reaching changes to the structure of the government,, the framers of the constitution have made it very difficult to change alter the constitution. However, amendments to the constitution are still possible if a wide enough majority votes for them (Lowi, Ginsberg and Shepsle).

Constitutional amendments are proposed through two ways, through Congress or through a National Convention proposed by two thirds of the state assemblies (U.S. Constitution. Art. V).

To have a Constitutional Amendment passed, two thirds of the State Assemblies must ratify it. An alternative method is approval is through a ratifying convention; an amendment is passed if ratifying conventions held in two thirds of the states approve of it (U.S. Constitution. Art. V).

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