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Information technology is subject to change because the element of technology changes after certain period of time that is the reason why the CEO’s and the directors of the company who is initiating a change must convince the organization that change is necessary for the organization (Kotter J. , 1996). Therefore, implementing positive change and policies regarding to change management must be included in the mission and vision of an organization and the top hierarchy must communicate that the company will not implement change for the purpose of change but it must be conveyed to the members that if it will be required than the entire organization would be revamped and change agent would implement a change management  procedure that is beneficial for the organization in both the short and the long run.

Information technology is experiencing a boom in today’s world and newer terminologies related to information technology are entering into the market. Certain integrated aspects like ERP (Enterprise resource planning), E-commerce, and JIT (Just in time) are used by different organizations to solve their wide and varied problems related to information technology and computer systems (Bloomfield, 2003). Another important aspect of technology is considered as the phenomenon of online jobs and people and organizations are stressing hard in today’s world to create opportunities online. Change management strategies are implemented in this sector and organizations like Dell, Intel, and Macintosh are adopting new and modernized methods to increase their productivity.

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