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It is quite true that change is not accepted by employees of many organizations and employees usually resist it that is the reason why organizations suffer because of this. However, if change management strategies are implemented in an proactive manner than employees as well as other stakeholders of the organization benefit from it in both the short and the long run (Beitler, 2006). Change management is usually considered as an optimistic approach however there are certain leaders that believe in the idea that if you are selling hope to the people than you can be successful in both the short and the long run.

That is the reason why many organizations and international business ventures are entering into mergers and acquisitions and they are enhancing their normal mode of business by effective change management strategies (Demers, 2007). In the similar manner managers stresses on the fact how they can implement change in their organizations because the actual connotation of change management is quite good and this is not realized by many employees that are working in the organization.

However, there are certain scenarios in which it can be clearly said that senior managers usually consider change with a bunker mentality and that is the reason why a leader plays an important role in managing the change in the organization (Kotter J. , 1996). Therefore, it can be said that change in organizations cannot be regarded as a fad and it must be properly implemented within the entire structure of the organizations.

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